What I ate in July

Let me start off by admitting, YES, I know this post is super late. I started it back in early August and am just finishing now, but since July is my favorite month of the year, I couldn’t just let it slide. It’s the month of my birthday and at no other month do I feel the fruits

Why Whole Wheat Pastry Flour?

I stumbled upon a great read by Joy the Baker about the difference between the most common wheat flours used for baking. Really, it’s fascinating, but in case you’re all TL;DR, here’s the gist of it. The defining difference is the amount of protein each type of flour has. All-purpose flour hovers around 10.5% (although King

Thursday: What’s Tickling My Taste Buds

I spent most of my free-time online looking at food blogs (oh god it’s countless, I think I need a blogroll…), online food magazines (TheKitchn, Serious Eats, First We Feast, etc.) and sometimes the Dining section of NYTimes.com. Really, it’s like a second job with how much time I spend deep in a never-ending pile

Chocolate Mousse Again (Because I Love It So Much)

I know, I know. This is the second time I brought up chocolate mousse, but I promise, this is worth it.  I’ll actually give the recipe this time. Also, this post is way (actually immensely) overdue, so much that today’s Valentine’s Day festivities make it relevant again, albeit barely. You can thank my work bff for begging