Link Love: Pies on my mind…

While so much of the country is talking about the first flurries this week, I’m sitting here wondering why I’m wearing a sweater when it’s 88 degrees out. Actually, I know the answer to that: the old rental house I live in, while charming, has terrible insulation. My house must suck up all the cold air from the middle of the night and hold it all in because I wake up in a bedroom that’s 56 degrees, get dressed in layers, and step outside perplexed by the sun and heat. I know this is what weather apps on your phone are for but that’s asking me to be a coherent, quick thinking in the morning. No, sorry, not possible.

Even with the unseasonably warm weather, I’m falling for all the beautiful photos of holiday-themed and cold-weather foods on Pinterest. All my social media feeds are already saturated with Thanksgiving recipes, most of them about PIE.

Disclaimer: I haven’t always been a fan of pie. I’m more of a cake, cookie, bread person (hence why this blog isn’t called Croissants, Cookies, & Pie). I’ve been called non-American in jest because I didn’t grow up eating pie and I’m still in the habit of saying I don’t really like pie. Honestly, pie and I are still new friends and this courtship of ours is slow. However, I’ve seen enough gorgeous food photography lately to give them another chance.

OK, all that aside, I think I’m ready to make a pie for Thanksgiving dinner — one that won’t go unnoticed and will instead be devoured by all. I’ve compiled a few links for inspiration, as well as some great related articles that I ran into this week. Enjoy!

Last year's maiden journey into the land of pie baking
Last year’s maiden journey into the land of pie baking

I’ve only made pie once, so maybe some practice is in order before the holidays. Last year I made a classic apple pie with some help from Saveur. It was so delicious, according to a couple of people who didn’t even like pie (ok, I was one of them). Here are the links I referenced:

More how-to links for making awesome pies:

Some Pinterest inspiration I found for future pie-baking endeavors (three of which were from a Food52 feature on the ladies of Four & Twenty Blackbirds, a trendy pie shop in NYC):

All-Butter Crust from Four & Twenty Blackbirds
Never-Fail Lemon Curd from Beth Dunham
Lemon Chess Pie from Four & Twenty Blackbirds
Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie from Four & Twenty Blackbirds — more oatmeal + chocolate love!
A savory Thanksgiving Root Pie recipe from Food52

I’ll share whatever recipe I’ve decided on for Thanksgiving a little later, but for updates on my pie fiascos and successes, you can find those on my Twitter feed.

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